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Artist Books
Figures in Fabric: $60.00 USA
The Basic Head: $28.00 USA
The Basic Body: $33.70 USA
The Basic Book Set: $59.00 USA
Prices include postage except for foreign orders (see below). MA residents add 5% sales tax.
DVDs and Video
Persephone DVD Set: USA: $57.00, Canada: $58.00, Overseas: $76.00
For customers using PAL format: We offer the Persephone Video Set (2 tapes) at the same price, while supplies last. The Ama DVD Set: USA: $67.00, Canada: $68.00, Overseas: $86.00
For customers using PAL format: The Ama Video Set (2 tapes) is still available for $102.00, while supplies last.
Prices include postage. MA residents add 5% sales tax.
Salon Prints
All of Lisa’s sculptures created after 1992 are available as Limited Edition Salon Prints, limited in number to 700 prints.
When ordering prints please indicate the sculpture title, (Example: "Angel Child")
you can find the sculpture's title in the GALLERY section of this site.
All Salon Prints are shipped flat and ready for framing. Size is 13" x 19", $100.00 each (includes shipping).

Would you like the print signed? Check one: Yes, front Yes, back No, please don't sign
Indicate Print Title (Example: "Angel Child")
_________ $100.00
_________ $100.00
_________ $100.00
_________ $100.00
Tax 5% - MA only $2.50/print $
Salon Prints - Foreign Orders with Shipping
Shipping is included for all Salon Print orders within the U.S.A. Please allow 30 days for delivery.
Mid East
Australia/New Zealand/South America
Artist Books - USA and MA 5% tax
Figures in Fabric
The Basic Head
The Basic Body
Basic Book Set
Tax 5% - MA only $3.00
Artist Books - Foreign Orders with Shipping
Canada/Mexico $60.00 $29.25 $35.00 $59.50
Europe $70.00 $38.00 $46.00 $77.00
Mid East $70.00 $39.00 $48.00 $79.00
Australia, New Zealand
South America, Asia
$70.00 $40.00 $49.00 $80.00
$ $ $ $
Grand Total:
Make check or money order payable to Lisa Lichtenfels.
SEND TO: Lisa Lichtenfels, P.O. Box 90537
Springfield, MA 01139-0537
For international orders, please send international postal order, or check drawn on U.S. affiliate bank in U.S. funds.
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