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The Basic Head - Soft Sculpture Techniques
by Lisa Lichtenfels.
This book is 60 pages long, printed in black and white, with illustrations by the artist. The instructions include the anatomy of the human skull, sculpting in batting, and needlemodeling in nylon.
$34.00 includes shipping, MA residents add $2.13. 
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The Basic Body - Soft Sculpture Techniques
by Lisa Lichtenfels.
How to construct the body. Companion manual to the
Basic Head, or The Persephone Video.
$40.00 includes shipping, MA residents add $2.50. 
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Figures in Fabric - The Sculpture of Lisa Lichtenfels.
from Portfolio Press

Conceived, photographed and written by Lisa Lichtenfels

A 20-year retrospective of Lisa's work and the step-by-step process of creating a fabric sculpture. An in-depth study with 36 pieces presented in detail, more than 500 color photos are included.

This hardcover book is 160 pages long, 12 1/4" high x 9 1/4" wide.
$65 including postage, MA residents add $4.07. For orders outside the US see Order Form.

The Ama - Soft Sculpture Body Construction. A three-disc DVD set.

Almost five and one half hours of instruction shows all aspects of building a body in soft sculpture. It includes basic anatomy -- the shapes and placements of bones and muscles. It gives directions for creating a wire skeleton that you can pose and balance; and there are directions for building muscles in batting and for layering nylon as realistic skin.

$72.00 in the US, $73.00 in Canada, $86.00 Overseas. Includes Postage.

Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% sales tax. 

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